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    Awards for Employees with similar work

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    Many experts have suggested that different rewards might be important/motivating to different people. For example, Employee A is be motivated by monetary compensation, while Employee B is motivated by recognition for his hard work. What are some of the difficulties in rewarding people for the exact same or similar work? Is it always possible to do?

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    There are two types of awards within the workplace - intrinsic and extrinsic. Some like monetary while others may like recognition.
    With the way work environment is today - automation and globalization, employees are required to use judgement and initiative more than repetitive work. Younger generations now know that their work environment will be quite different - in sense that they may be changing jobs more often or even changing careers in their lives. Before, employees would stay in one job all their working lives.

    Today's generation ...

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    In today's working environment every individual has a different idea of an award for his/her work. Some still prefer monetary award while others prefer the recognition. If however both employees were doing the same or similar work, how would you award them fairly is also something to consider.