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Ethical and Global Issues in Creating a High-Performance Team

Prepare a paper in which you analyze how a group can become a high-performance team. Include in the paper an evaluation of the business and ethical considerations of globalization, and how it may affect team dynamics

In the paper, please include a minimum of three sources (APA format)

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Today organizations are challenged with obtaining top talent that is able to uphold the standards of the organization. The concept of a team has never been harder to come by with individuals looking out for their own self-interests that are fostered by the American individualistic mentality. However, for an organization to reach its pinnacle, it is imperative that it foster a sense of unity by holding its employees to the highest level of standards. This is even truer today after the numerous financial scandals that have plagued large business. This paper will discuss what I consider to be my organizations high level of standards and provide an overview how my organization rewards our employees for maintaining these standards.

Integrity and Ethical Standards

The organization that I work for maintains the highest levels of standards for their employees, not only from the work perspective, but from a personal perspective as well. Many people today would take issue with their employer providing guidelines and policies that dictate how they live their lives once they leave the office. However, working for the government this is exactly what happens. For this reason, the individuals who work for these agencies have the highest standards of integrity and ethics that can be found in the working world today. Many would disagree with that statement based on news reports the past couple of years. However, it is indeed a fact and Intelligence officers maintain vigilance of their actions 24 days, 7 days a week.

For this reason, the disciplinary issues that many organizations encounter are not seen at my place of ...

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