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    Incentive Plan: Motivating and Retaining Cashiers

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    StopNShopNow, Inc. has had difficulty motivating and retaining key cashiers and wants to provide an incentive to them that will generate improvement in several critical areas of store cashier performance, which include the following:

    1. Increase total sales revenue
    2. Reduce inventory losses and theft
    3. Improve overall customer service and satisfaction
    4. Improve store cleanliness and housekeeping
    5. Improve attendance and reduce in unscheduled absences

    Several stores have poor overall sales volume and ongoing chaos due to the staff taking unscheduled absences. Others have issues with inventory and theft. All the stores want to address cleanliness and customer satisfaction problems.

    Overall, officials with the company feel they can commit no more than an additional $200 per employee per year as an individual incentive and no more than $500 per year for the same store or corporate incentives.

    Individual Instructions:

    Each member of the team will select one of the critical areas of store cashier performance improvement (listed above) and recommend three components to be included in an individual incentive program for the cashiers. Use information from the Internet research you have done to aid in your understanding of cashiers' tasks and work values. Tie your ideas to a contemporary motivational theory.

    Please add your file.

    Group Instructions:

    Discuss how you might incorporate the ideas you have generated regarding individual incentives. Next, discuss store- or corporation-wide incentives. Generate a group recommendation for two possible avenues of same-store incentives and two possible avenues for corporation-wide incentives. Present these recommendations in the form of a recommendation to Morry and Mo Gassup, owners of StopNShopNow Inc.

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    For improving customer service and satisfaction there should be three criteria that apply to cashiers.
    1. He should accurately process all transactions.
    2. He should be eager and energetic.
    3. He should be a friendly person;
    In my opinion the first criterion that is accurate process of all transactions should be given a 50% weight, the second criteria 20% and the third criteria 30%.
    This evaluation should be done on a quarterly basis and if on a rating scale of 1 to 5 if a ...

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