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    incentive program

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    Your company is struggling to retain its sales representatives. It seems the employees go through the company's training program, work for the organization for about 6 months and then leave to work for your company's top competitor. Exit interviews are being held with the sales representatives and it has been determined that they are leaving because they don't feel they are financially rewarded for their efforts.

    With this in mind, what type of incentive program would you recommend for these sales employees? What rationale do you have for your approach? Be sure to utilize and cite research to support your response.

    Be sure to consider the position, Sales, and the incentives that are most appropriate for this type of position. Must be APA format and include references in text and list references.

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    The best compensation plan for sales representatives in the organization will be a combination of fixed base salary plus performance based compensation based on achievement of requisite sales targets. Such a form of compensation is extremely beneficial for the organization in terms of motivating and ...

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    What type of incentive program would you recommend for these sales employees?