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    Description of Compensation and Benefits

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    Details: Discuss the challenge of generating long-term behavioral improvement. Do incentive plans improve performance for only a brief window of time? What kinds of changes can they cause in the culture of an organization? If incentive programs are for only a limited period of time, are there any extended benefits? When incentive programs are over, will employees return to their old behaviors or, even worse, begrudge the company for the lack of extra pay (even if there is no quantifiable improvement to justify it)? Use the Library and other Internet resources to research this topic).

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    //This discussion paper is based on the compensation and benefits given to the employees. In this series, the first section of the discussion is including the use of incentives and the other benefits provided to the employees in the Organizations.//

    Compensation and Benefits


    Increasing rate of global competition has posed a serious challenge in front of the organizations as well as the human resource specialists. They need to do something creative and attractive for the employees. Incentive pay introduced by many of the organizations has been successful in retaining a large number of employees. Incentives refer to the monetary inducements offered to employees to perform beyond accepted standards. Incentives are given to the employees based on their performance at the workplace. This concept is popularly known as performance based pay, which motivates the employees to perform well at work.

    //In the next section of the discussion, the long term behavior of the Organizations is explained. The challenges for the long-term behavioral improvement is included in this section of the discussion.//

    Challenge of long-term behavioral improvement

    If the organization plans to focus on long term behavioral changes or improvements among the employees, it should analyze the possible consequences of such a major decision. Implementing long-term behavioral improvements in the employees is really a complicated task and a great challenge before the ...

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