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    List of all the stakeholders in the city

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    I am a member of the city planning commission, which is beginning the process of updating the city comprehensive plan. A comprehensive plan is the master land use plan for the city and is the basis for all land use decisions in the city. It also is the basis for all infrastructure projects in the city.
    I am working with a consultant to devise a process for developing the updated plan. Part of the process will be the formation of a steering committee peopled by the key stakeholders that will be impacted by the plan. The planning commission is asked by the consultant to devise a list of all of the stakeholder groups that should be a part of this steering committee.
    Need to:
    - Develop a list of all the stakeholders in the city who you feel should be a part of this steering committee.
    - Write one or two paragraphs describing why you feel each group should be represented.
    Write your initial response in a minimum of 1-2 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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    Stakeholders play an important role in project planning.1 Stakeholders are those parties which are interested in the project. Stakeholder includes project staff, public, vendors, regulatory authority, sponsors, operational team etc. They can have both positive and negative influence on the project and hence their interests and objectives should be considered while making the plan. Their interests and suggestion ...

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