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Stakeholders Influence on Each Other in a City

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Using the information gathered from the simulation (see link below) and the attached diagram, please explain how the Riverbend City stakeholders influence each other.


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Master N-Roc's comments at the concert pushed Mayor Bauer to hold a news conference to address his comments. Master N-Roc stated that Mayor Bauer didn't care for brown people. Also, the Ruby Lake evacuation was Mayor Bauer's hurricane Katrina because of the mistakes that occurred.

Mayor Bauer conceded that mistakes were made by his administration in handling the Ruby Lake evacuation. Also, the Mayor apologized for the mistake of the Reverse 911 call being made in English only. The error didn't reflect no concern for the people in Ruby Lake neighborhood. In fact, the error was due to an outdated preparedness plan for the Ruby Lake neighborhood.

Mayor Bauer responded to Victor Maldonado's comments about the Mayor's 25% approval rating drop in the Latino community. By saying, that the Mayor will hold strategic planning meetings with his staff to create better way to serve the Latino community.

Mayor Bauer responded to Victoria Moran's comments that a report stated that illegal immigrants were staying at the Red Cross shelter. Victoria asked why the illegal immigrants hadn't been deported. The Mayor stated that the Red Cross shelter is setup to take care of the community needs and their records are confidential. Also, the goal of the government is to save the citizen's lives not deport people.

Mayor Bauer meet with the Diversity Liaison, Mo Xiong, and Chief of Staff, Adele Walker, to discuss the strategic planning and response to the evacuation. Mayor Bauer discussed that he studied the 10-step model on strategic planning. Also, the 10-step model ...

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The solution uses a simulator on Capella University's website and a power vs interest grid to explain how stakeholders influence each other over the course of a 10-step strategic plan for a hypothetical city.

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