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Project Stakeholders and Sponsors

Can you give me a sample of how to answer these questions?

Who are your stakeholders for this project?
What characteristics do you look for when identifying a project stakeholder?
Assume that each business unit and department has a director at the head, as well as the 3 managers who report to each director. Identify the project sponsor, and list your rationale for your decisions.

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Who are your stakeholders for this project?

The project stakeholders for this project are the director of the department where the project is being carried out. The manager supervising the project is the stakeholder. It is in his interest that the project be successful. He is responsible for the project. The users of the project product/service, the project leader, and project team members are also the stakeholders. The upper management and the managers that are required to provide resources for the project are also the stakeholders for this project. For example, there might be need for extra resources to complete the project on time; the upper management of the company can only provide the resources. The project stakeholders are those that are affected by the project or contribute directly to the project. These also include those that have influence over the project or have the authority to influence it. For instance, the director of the department is an important stakeholder. Those that are interested in the successful/unsuccessful conclusion of the project are also stakeholders.

Other stakeholders of this project are the government, the community, and suppliers. For example, the suppliers who will get additional business are important stakeholders. The financiers of the project, the shareholders and each coworker are also stakeholders in the project. For example, the bank lending money ...

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