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What constitutes a "project"?

1. What constitutes a "project"? Based on the weekly reading or PMI PMBOK, what is the definition of a project?

2. Should scope changes proposed by a sponsor be treated differently than scope changes from a team member or other stakeholder? Why or why not? As a project manager, explain how you would maintain the quality of the project while appeasing sponsors or stakeholders.

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1. Project can be defined as a temporary activity carried by a group with a defined beginning and end to produce a deliverable in the form of a product, service or desired result. A project has a defined scope, set of resources, timeframe and budget. Thus, a project constitutes a defined scope containing the desired deliverable as per the objective of the sponsor, a set timeframe and budget.

2. Scope changes proposed by a sponsor should be acted upon immediately as project sponsor's needs and ...

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