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Measure Success; Key Ingredients for Project Success

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Please write a paper with 1 to 1.5 spacing using 12 font. Cite All references.

1. Next, consider the following questions.
a. Do different stakeholders have different views of what constitutes the success of projects in your organization?
b. Is your view consistent with that of others in your organization?
c. What do you believe are the key ingredients for project success?

2. Finally, select one of the five items and describe the steps needed to implement that structure within your own organization. The structures are:
1. Leadership and governance.
2. Team building and development.
3. Communication Infrastructure.
4. Programme infrastructure: Please write on this one.
5. Programme resourcing.

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Stakeholders and the Success of the Projects in the Organization:

Project success is determined by variables that are consistent through the organizational systems. This is based on the fact the success of the project will be based on the effective project planning initiatives that will be put in place. Stakeholders tend to have diverse views of what constitutes the success of the project in the organization. This is because each of the projects that are undertaken in the organization has its own set specifications that determine its success. This includes aspects such as the working team placed for the project, the timeline set for the project and the goals that have been set for the project. The stakeholders will hence be able to rate the success of the project in the organization on the basis of whether the project will attain the listed qualities. By virtue that the stakeholders have their specific needs in the corporation, they will hold different views of what they require from projects in the organization.

The Consistency of Views of Stakeholders :

The view held is not consistent to the rest of the personnel in the organization based on the experiences attained in the organization. The workers in the company who feel they have enough experience in the operations of the company will expect from the project initiatives in the organization. They will hence rate the success of the project at a higher level. The persons who have little or no experience in ...

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The expert measures success and the key ingredients for a project success. The structure for leadership, governance, team building, communications are determined.

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