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Heinz Corp Marketing: Concept of Core Benefits

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When asked to explain its success in international marketing, the Heinz Corporation often says that although it may sell the same products in many of its foreign markets, it rarely sells them as if they were the same product. Use the concept of core benefits to explain the firm's strategy. Please provide examples also.

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Heinz has been successful in terms of innovation and acquisition of their new products based on its core brands. The company is successful because of its ability to innovate new products while staying true to its core ketchup brand. Heinz ketchups contain additional ingredients and other flavors that enhance its taste and its value. Heinz has introduced a line up of colored ketchup in E-Z Squirt bottles and the idea of having more varieties of ketchup came from the essential characteristics of its core brand and the need to be able ...

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316 words; 2 references; how core benefits are used by Heinz Corp in their strategies

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