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    Augmented Product Concept

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    Briefly explain the augmented product concept. What is the role of product protocols?

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    There are three levels of viewing a product. Level 1 pertains to the Core Product and the core benefit that the product offers. An example of this is the reason that people buy a camera. They don't need a camera but they need to keep their memories and that is the core benefit that a camera can give. Level 2 pertains to the Actual Product. This is where your product becomes different and special compared with other products of the same kind. There are many cameras in the market and buyers buy them for the same purpose. However, organizations have to package the product in such a way that they bring more customers to buy their product instead of the other company's camera. It is at this level that a company's brand and additional features and benefits are very important to ensure the differential advantage to compete with other companies. The last level is Augmented Product. This pertains to the non-tangible benefits that the product and company can offer to the buyer. These are the add-ons after buying the product. Among these are the after sales service, warranties, delivery, and others. Some companies offer 5 year warranty on their products and it provides the customers an additional benefit of having a peace of mind during the 5 years that the product is with them. In other words, the augmented product concept refers to the core ...

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    The concept of augmented product and the role of product protocols. References are included.