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H. J. Heinz Unionization

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H. J. Heinz is currently unionized

- Provide brief background information on H. J. Heinz.
- What are the organization's benefits of joining a union?
- What is the unionization process?
- How does a union bargain?
- What effects does union bargaining have on the organization?

Format your answers consistent with APA guidelines and use at least two references.

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The review in Heinz Corporation approach to unionization that defined the overall business organization approach to managing operations.

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The H.J. Heinz Corporation is a global organization in serving food products in markets, entailing more than 200 countries and territories (Lentz 2006). In over 100 years, the company is widely known for the brand ketchup product and frozen food items that continue being a preferred product among competitors (Foster, Johnson, and Junod 2006). By 1905, the company utilized a fair treatment of workers with safety measures and processes in production of the brand product (Lentz 2006).

Let's take a look at the organization's benefits of joining a union:

In the beginning of the business enterprise, Henry J. Heinz was known for applying fair treatment for employees. Basically, the understanding that happy motivated employees produce quality work output (Lentz 2006). Therefore, the beneficial aspects for joining a union provide a more leverage for cooperative coalition between employees and the H.J. Heinz Corporation. The bargaining process is more attuned to reaching a compromise for bringing forth a fair resolution on certain work conditions or benefits. The H.J. Heinz corporation's willingness for working with a union provides a framework as well as perception from ...

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