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Project Adjustments & Procurement

1. Can you make a full stop on a project to make adjustments? Justify your answer.
2. In the restaurant industry, what could be the single most difficult issue in procurement management for a project manager? Why?

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You can make a full stop on a project to make adjustments. Adjustments refer to a change in the project. If the change is so pervasive that the nature of the project changes, a full stop has to be made. Also the stage at which the adjustment has to be made determines if a full stop is appropriate. For example, if the project has reached the planning stage and at that stage seminal adjustments have to be made, it will be advisable to put a full stop and commence the project again from the initiation stage. Also consider the planning stage where adjustment ...

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This solution explains impact of adjustments on projects. The sources used are also included in the solution.