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    The A+ College Student-"College Success Super-Sized"

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    Both college and career success are commodities which are necessary in an intellectual society, such as today's world. Success during the college years is achievable if there is an authentic commitment to maximize learning and the respective learning process has to have a clear cut plan of action that is comprehensive and consistent with the attributes known for student success. The process must be well planned out and this is why an action plan has been incorporated into the solution as an attachment. Reflection is also critical to a successful college experience and a Reflection Journal has also been attached to encourage this important practice for the prospective high performing college student.

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    A comprehensive and intentional plan of positive inputs and efforts can move the respective college student to a level of unexplained peak performance. With the right ingredients and the explosion of untapped potential, the world is at his or her fingertips. My ten rules of the highly effective college student ...

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    Becoming a Master Student is doable. In my experience as a mentor at the collegiate level, I have seen far too many students struggle or not excel academically, who possessed the potential. Knowledge of the attributes which define academic success at the collegiate level is not a hidden secret, but it is available to all who desire to succeed in the world of higher education. In my journey, I have found that being strategic and intentional in all that I do or say, will ultimately assist me in finding success and reaching peak performance. In my solution, I have provided key ingredients to penetrating the rigors of college life and in coming out on top in terms of college and career success.