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success in college is often defined

For the purpose of predictive validity studies, success in college is often defined as GPA at the end of the freshman year.
What other operational definitions of "success in college" can you devise?
List at least two definitions, and further indicate how these alternative definitions might lead to the use of different college admissions tests.

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Here are two other definitions:

Interpersonal skills.

I think that while in college, you meet a lot of other students, as well teachers, administrators, roommates, support staff... Most of these people are probably new, many come from different areas of the country, many might have different opinions, backgrounds and thoughts. It is critical for a new student on campus to adapt to their surrounds, and learn how to form relationships with many of those people.

Students must live with roommates, work with fellow students in group projects, deal with teachers and staff.. all of these skills are necessary to ...

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Success in college is briefly defined.