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Consulting Practice: Name & Logo

1.Create a name and business logo for your consulting practice that will differentiate your consulting practice from others.

2.After careful thought, present two topics for the Final Project

3.Provide your target audience, the client issue or problem, your objective and the desired outcome for consideration.

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1. Suggested names and logos-
A3 Consulting: (Accurate, Attention to Detail, Achievable)

The Aces Consulting: The ace of spades is often thought to be and referred to as the best card in the deck. This idea of being "the best" is similar to the goals of our company because we strive to become the most successful consulting company. Traditionally speaking, the ace of spades is the highest card in the deck. As a company we are dedicated to becoming the highest performing company while still upholding our core organization values.
Travis Team Building Solutions: Well, it's your name! ...

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This solution suggests various names and logos for a hypothetical consulting practice. It also suggests topics for a consultant project, and provides the target audience, client issue, objective, and desired outcome for each topic.