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    Nailpolish Inventory in Java (Various Parts)

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    Modify the inventory program by creating a subclass of the product class that uses one additional unique feature of the product you chose (brand name). In the subclass, create a method to calculate the value of the inventory of a product with the same name as the method previously created for the product class. The subclass method should also add a 5% restocking fee to the value of the inventory of that product.

    The inventory program should be displayed using a GUI. The GUI should display the information in the array one product at a time, including the item number, the name of the product, the number of units in stock, the price of each unit, and the value of the inventory for that product, the additional unique feature (brand name), and the restocking fee. The program should also include a sort method to display the information in the array by the name of the product. In addition, the GUI should display the value of the entire inventory.

    In addition, the GUI should include a button that allows the user to move to the first item, the previous item, the next item, and the the last item in the inventory. If the first item is displayed, and the use clicks the previous button, the last item should be displayed. If the last item is displayed and the user clicks the next button, the first item should be displayed.
    Add a company logo ( FABULOUS NAILS ) to the GUI using java graphic classes.

    *Please do not modify NailPolish.java unless absolutely necessary.
    *The company logo is FABULOUS NAILS or it can be modified to relate to anything concerning nails or nail polish.

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