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Programming languages and applications

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1. Define HTML, XML and Java programming. What is the difference between the three?
2. How are the HTML and Java programming languages affecting business applications on the web?
3. What programs are mainly used on the web for business applications?
4. Will it benefit or not benefit a business to use such programs?
5. Are there any signification pros or cons to any particular programming languages?
6. How can businesses control their website in different ways, and make it easier for their clients to use?
7. What applications are being used to make the applications on the web faster and easier to access?
8. Why do you think HTML, XML, and Java make the business world easier to communicate with through the convenience of the Internet?
9. What is the difference between Websites and Web Applications?
10. What is the primary role of a website?
11. What is the primary role of a web application?
12. Name some different types of Web Applications.
13. Distinguish between open and closed applications.
14. What is web application?
15. How do you identify users?
16. Summarize the design process from start to finish in a business web application for a business.

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1. HTML is a hypertext markup language. It is most common markup language for web pages. It is considered as a basic building block of a web page. It consists of formatting tags encapsulated in angular brackets that usually are written in pairs. XML on the other hand is the extensive markup language that defines certain set of rules for encoding documents in machine readable form. While Java is a machine independent cross platform development language widely used for desktop as well as for Internet applications. HTML is for web, XML can be used both by desktop application as well as web services while Java is for desktop applications.

2. To reach out to global audience or to capture a niche market, most business relies on websites. They make and control their websites in different ways, and make it easier for their clients to use. They also are making the applications on the web faster and easier to access, which outside of the web, it is a slower process. One can now submit resumes and request interviews on the web. HTML, XML, and Java, make the business world easier to communicate with through the convenience of the Internet.

3. If you mean the development programs then mostly SAP and Java are widely used for developing web business applications including but not limited to PHP, AJAX, ...

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The solutions gives a comparison between the programming languages such as HTML, XML, Java and defines the business applications in respect to these languages.

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