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Programming Languages Advantages & Disadvantages

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Compare and contrast three different programming languages outlining advantages and disadvantages.

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This solution compares 3 different programming languages discussing their advantages and disadvantages.

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Problem Statement: Compare and contrast three different programming languages outlining advantages and disadvantages.

There are many programming languages available for use in software development and it should be of great interest to know what each one offers along with their advantages and disadvantages. A selected programming language not only affects the productivity but also the quality of code in many ways in the software application developed and deployed. It impacts user acceptance, efficiency in operations and functions, and effectiveness in business processes translated into system designs along with many other factors beyond scope in this discussion. A few programming languages have been discussed herewith with some of their benefits and drawbacks.

When it comes to discussing programming languages it's important to discuss probably the world's first programmers' language, Ada Lovelace a mathematician. ...

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