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Did OOD/OOP meet the predictions?

Mr. Oldie wants to share his wisdom too, but on a different topic: "These OO-guys looked at hardware assembly and car assembly mechanisms and dreamed that they can do it in software. They aimed for the moon using OO paradigm, but they ended up in clouds! OOD/OOP does not really make such "stand-alone" components that fit together that easily. Look at C++ definitions like friend which enables you to muck around base object contents, etc. which is not the case with Hardware or Cars". Does Oldie make any sense? Did OOD/OOP meet the predictions? Feel free to research the internet. However, you should write a few sentences in your own words.

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The expressiveness power of a language is measured by means it provides for development. One of the most important objectives of any programming language is to simulate real life applications (for which the language is created) as closely as possible using available/supported means ...