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    Trademark Summaries of History of McDonald`s Logo

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    1. Write a summary (no more tha two pages, double-spaced) on the history of McDonald's logo.

    2. What are the steps necessary to obtain a copy of McDonald's logo for reproduction in a public document?

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    History of McDonald's Logo

    McDonald's has different logos through its history. During the early days there was the Speedee Chef, the little chef with a round hamburger face striding across the sign, greeted customers at McDonald's all over the U.S. from 1953 to 1962. In 1962 the firm opted for a new look and the famous Golden Arches logo was first introduced in 1962. The logo was created by Jim Schindler to resemble new arch shaped signs on the sides of the restaurants. Jim merged the two golden arches together to form the famous 'M' now recognized throughout ...

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    A summary is provided on the history of McDonald`s logo. The steps necessary to obtain a copy of McDonald`s logo for reproduction in a public document is discussed.