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Organization Development Consultant

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- Explain the relationship between generalization and specialization in the consulting industry
- Identify and describe two primary drivers that have been pushing the consulting industry.
- Describe the two models of international structure that have had an influence on the consulting industry.
- Discuss how to build a consulting brand experience

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Step 1
Most consultants specialize in a particular field. Further, in the management consulting field there are several specialized groupings. Usually, there are other consultants that provide services in specialized fields. Another type of specialization is that firms specialize in industries or in functional areas. From the perspective of a company, it pays to hire a specialized consultant in a short period of time than training employees.

From one perspective, generalization refers to providing advice on strategy and operations to the top executives of large corporations. This is one type of specialization but the benefits are immense. These consultants get the highest financial returns. Strategy consulting is one type of generalization. The other type of generalization occurs when a large ...

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