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Creating Mail Merge using MS-Access

Create a Mail Merge using Microsoft Access as the record source. The Mail Merge document should be professionally formatted and needs to include the following:

1. A logo for Front Row Video
2. A watermark formatted behind the text
3. Margins set at 1.5"
4. Add your name to the database, but enter your city as MyTown
5. Write a query that shows only the customers who live in MyTown
6. In that same query, concatenate the First Name and Last Name. Please call it FullName.
7. In that same query, concatenate the City, State and Zip code. Name that new field CityStateZip.
8. Save this query and name it MyTownSQ
9. Create a Mail Merge in Word that includes FullName, Addr1, Addr2, CityStateZip
10. The Date and Time on this Mail Merge should update automatically

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There are three documents attached:

a) Customer.mdb (The Access database that acts as a source for the Mail Merge. This access database contains a table with 3 records, two of which meet the criteria. This also includes a query which meets the requirements of the question.)

b) CustomerMailMerge.doc: This is the word document that ...

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This solution presents a detailed explanation on how to create labels using mail merge feature of MS-Word with an MS Access database as the source of data.