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Setting up business rules in database layer

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A growing business's owners have identified only 2 perspective end-user roles for this project. Following an interview, you have assembled the following business rules:

Function Clerk Store Manager
1. View inventory item master Yes Yes
2. Add, edit, delete inventory item master No Yes
3. Add, edit, delete inventory transactions No No

Discuss how these business rules could be set up in the database layer and reinforced using database control language (DCL).

Assignment Guidelines:
? Analyze the business rules outline in the assignment description above.
? Post a new topic to the Discussion Board that contains your answer to the following question:
o How could the above business rules be set up in a database and reinforced using DCL?
? Respond to 2 other students' posts on the Discussion Board.

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The above business rules can be setup in the database layer using the DDL, DML and DCL commands. The DDL is the data definition language using which one can create the database schema and structures. There are 6 basic functions provided by this data definition language such as create, alter, drop, ...

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The solution provides a detailed description of setting up the business rules in database layer using DDL.

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