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    Sample Executive Summary

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    Give an example of an executive summary for the sample business report that is written for a general audience of business professionals and executives. Included key information organized in the summary with bullets.

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    Executive Summary
    This document summarizes the strategic plan for the College of Arts and Sciences, based
    on the institution's mission, strategic goals and objectives. The plan focuses on those critical
    issues that administrators and planners have identified as being critical to the ongoing success
    of the institution and the student population it serves. Among the key issues identified are
    those that encourage and contribute to a more vibrant community, enhance learning
    experiences that prepare students for employment in an ever changing work environment
    and contribute to a healthier financial status for the college.
    The strategic goal of improving the institution's financial health includes objectives of
    increasing revenue through increased upper level credit hour requirements. This objective
    also helps better prepare students for employment beyond their education. Another objective
    is to meet a target ...

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