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Go Kart New Business: Business Plan

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Please discuss if this is the standard business lay out. I was hoping to get a little more detail on each section.

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Keep in mind, the business plan have certain familiar sections in every plan (executive summary, marketing strategies, financial or forecasting (sales), consumer demographics) to relay the business potential within the targeted marketplace. However, the type of business will present a slight difference to a business plan that either provides additional sections/chapters or less there of needed sections.

Attached is a sample business plan from one of the provide resources in the last response to your post question;



As noted in the attached sample of business plan for Go Karts - that you "can change the content and sections, either adding more or removing some sections, hence a template to guide you. You will notice that the sections in the attachment have different topic headings but the information is the same from your ...

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The review into creating a new business entity within the Go Kart industry.

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Business Plan - Go Kart New Business

I have to do a business plan for my group about how to start up a successful Go Kart business. Has to be on a Word Document and 12 font. I need help in how to write a business plan with charts and predictions. I also have to figure out if I need to put •Sales forecast
•Market potential
•Market share
•Competitive structure
•Fixed and variable cost
•Contribution per unit
•Break even
•Cash flow requirements
•Expected ROI
I need to use 10 references and make it very informative about the business that I will be creating. At a minimum it needs to be 15 pages. They say there is a standard format that business plans follow. Please help me write a good business plan.

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