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    Business Plan - Go Kart New Business

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    I have to do a business plan for my group about how to start up a successful Go Kart business. Has to be on a Word Document and 12 font. I need help in how to write a business plan with charts and predictions. I also have to figure out if I need to put •Sales forecast
    •Market potential
    •Market share
    •Competitive structure
    •Fixed and variable cost
    •Contribution per unit
    •Break even
    •Cash flow requirements
    •Expected ROI
    I need to use 10 references and make it very informative about the business that I will be creating. At a minimum it needs to be 15 pages. They say there is a standard format that business plans follow. Please help me write a good business plan.

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    --I have to do a business plan for my group about how to start up a successful Go Kart business. Has to be on a Word Document and 12 font. I need help in how to write a business plan with charts and predictions. I also have to figure out if I need to put.

    Creating a business plan is reflective of the overall company product or service idea that satisfies the consumer demand, in which, the investor (bank) can determine the viability in sustaining business continuity with profitability. The Go Kart business is recreational and will have seasonal times of high consumer interests, such as, the summer or spring months if the operations are outside. While the winter months, the consideration should entail making the Go Kart business indoors or at least partial to continuing operations even during increment weather outside. The decision to go all outdoors or partial will determine your overall initial start-up costs, thus, the research and final decision is paramount to structure your business plan.

    By creating the business plan, the norm is having standard sections that begin on their own page and proceeds onward to either 1-2 pages or more depending on the section topic, while, some other sections might entail shorter pages. The sections can as well as entail summaries for revealing the plan of action or current status in business operation. In starting a new business, the more visual presentation within a business plan the more proactive and convincing the viability in persuading the reader (investor bank) on potential success (sustain inability, profitability).

    **Keep in mind, the strategic decisions on business specifications will need to indicate prior to actually completing your business plans. Decide and answer the below assessments of questions to assist in how to further conduct the market research of data to place within some sections as well as reflective in why certain decisions made accordingly (the decisions can relay in the executive summary or creating a section for product / service summary):

    a) Will the Go Kart Business entail indoors?

    b) If indoors operations how many Go Karts will be in operations for first day of opening the business? (try and identify the most cost effective means for purchasing several and the ongoing maintenance, keep in mind, the decision made will impact your overall sales forecast, break even analysis, and cash flow leading to profitability or loss of profit).

    c) Will the Go Kart Business entail outdoors?

    d) If so, an outdoors operations will the Go Karts entail a newer model or order model and equipment for the terrain of the track service? (Remember you goal is to provide details that will really into "actual costs" and operation maintenance that impact your business and business plan).

    e) Will you use gas /fuel powered or electric type Go Karts? (Keep in mind, the gas powered will need to consider where storage is located on the property or a junction to the property. If electric Go Karts, the increase of utility cost will need to reflect in the break even analysis breakdown and a part of your overall start-up costs).

    f) Have you designed your preferred Go Karts track and if what cost involved? (Try and think of either hiring someone to design or building the track, which, the cost is of concern that impacts start-up costs).

    g) Will the business operations be taking over already established Go Karts operations or building a brand new one? (Consider the cost of buying an already business operations, such as, a franchise or newly development business by owning the land to build or renting facility space)

    Business plans should include the listing of sections below but as well as the executive summary, table of contents (the organizational flow for the reader) and visual graphics (the Go Karts Track Designs Layout).

    *The Executive Summary

    In creating an executive summary, the presentation is outlining the business main objective with prominent leadership in place that can sustain the strategic decisions making within the organization. The senior management level is key to ensure the bank investors trust that strategic decisions by competent leaders with experience will prevail. Thus, the executive summary offers a very short or long, depending on the type of business and length management ...

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