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    Research Statistical Methods: The Design of Experiments

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    Download the following article about a quality situation that was solved using DOE: Case: Fireman, Jerry. (n.d.), Rich Products Uses Statistics to Improve the Taste of Natural Bread Dough.Retrieved on Sept. 8, 2009, from http://www.statease.com/pubs/richproducts.pdf.

    Determine what type of situation this is and the type of DOE that was used effectively.

    State your position on this case. Include a summary of the case and state your position regarding which type of DOE situation is represented in the case. Support your position referring to different DOE situation types. Be sure to include references.

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    Focus on the summary to the position on which type of DOE situation represented in the case reflected simultaneously using variables associated with factors keyed to producing the same quality as conventional bread dough. In assumption, the first phase must involved the listing of viable company's requirements as well as the targeted consumers preferences in attributes ranging from flavor, appearance, and overall ideal bread. Thus, the statistical method is listing the current framework of ingredients for frozen bread to the nonfreezing ingredients - that more than likely contributed towards testing alternatives.

    In the statistical method option, the quantitative assessment honed on selecting key recipe ingredients in more acceptable emergent ...

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    The review into Design of Experiments of the management of research statistical method to determining a possible outcome to pursue or explain.