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    Research Design Analysis

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    Find a research article of your choice. Discuss what the article was about and answer the following questions:

    - What was the IV?
    - What was the DV?
    - What was the experimental design?
    - What was the statistical analysis?
    - What was the researcher's interpretation?

    In your opinion, was this a good research design or not? Provide analysis of the overall design.

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    The independent variable (IV) is the one that an experimenter can change and is not affected by other variables, whereas the dependent variable (DV) is the one that is dependent on the independent variable, and thus changes in accordance to changes in the IV. In identifying them in a research paper, look for variables that the experimenter is controlling for. For example, in experiments I used to run, the amount of morphine I gave my animals was the independent variable. It is changed by the experimenter, and is not affected by any other variable besides how much I decide to inject. In identifying the dependent variable, look for the variable the research paper is trying to study the most, the reason behind doing the experiment in the first place. In my experiments' case, it would be the time needed to perform a ...

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    A research design analysis is examined. Statistical and experiment analysis is defined in the solution.