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    Research: Race and Inner City Violence

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    Identify some potential challenges to research study (design issues, analyzing data, accessing the population, designing research questions, etc) in relation to determining how black women are affected by inner city violence.

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    Challenges to research:

    The design chosen may not give the most accurate or complete information. Sometimes researchers choose to use only a single method or design. This might leave out important material or context for the readers of the study. For example in your chosen study, a case study may not be appropriate because it is a single or limited subject that does not address all the potential feelings, emotions, or information. Using empirical information only to analyze data can also leave out potential information, such as how the women cope or what services they have found available.

    Another challenge is ...

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    This is review of some of the challenges to a research study regarding how black women are affected by inner city violence. The solution discusses challenges regarding design, data analysis and population access.