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    Creating a Qualitative Interview Questionnaire

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    Create a semi-structured interview questionnaire for research consisting of 10 open-ended questions. Phrase questions so that they can be answered with a "yes" or a "no," and do not include questions that elicit demographic information, such as age, gender, and years in present position. The research topic is on how black women have been affected by losing loved ones to inner city violence. What kinds of questions could be posed for such a study? Could you elaborate on why the questions should be utilized?

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    I have supplied some questions here. The questions attempt to gather as much information about the type of loss, what the cause was, and how the person is coping. I also supplied some questions aimed at finding out the type of coping and counseling the person has received. Each of these will help form the picture of the person and their grief process. It will also help to identify the reasons for the loss and that may have some impact on the ways people grieve and how they cope. What I attempted to do, is ...

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    Using the topic provided, some questions for interview or survey about loss to inner city violence. The solution creates a qualitative interview questionnaire. The research is on black women mental effects of losing loved ones to inner city violence.