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Evidence Based Policy Analysis and Research Design

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I need some ideas in answering these questions on research design:
1. Give an example of problem versus policy issue. What are the strengths and constraints of evidence-based policy analysis?

2. Discuss an example of a design for description. Discuss an example of a design for explanation.

3. Discuss the importance of non-experimental research design.

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1. A problem is an issue with a solution, usually a choice of two or more solutions. A policy issue is a process or operation that guides the way things are done or problems are solved. Issues of policy are usually debatable, but continue to be issues until the policy is changed.

Strengths tend to be from direct observation, personal experience with the problems with the policy. Citing actual events and what happened concerning the policy is very compelling and shows the good and the bad of a policy. Such analysis can identify situations and people who have made successful use of a policy, while also identifying those less successful. Situations can also be part of the analysis, looking at the people involved, the situation, and characteristics of the policy and the situation.


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The evidence based policy analysis and research designs are examined. The importance of non-experimental research design is provided.

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