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Common Fallacies: Faulty Evidence

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Select two reliable source news articles that illustrate at least two of the "Common Fallacies: Faulty Evidence" and two reliable source news articles that illustrate at least two of "Common Fallacies: Faulty Reasoning" for a total of four articles. Submit the link to each article and a brief explanation of which fallacies are being illuminated.

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Common Fallacies in Law-Related Consumer Research. Academic Journal By: RICHARDS, JEF I. Journal of Consumer Affairs. Spring2009, Vol. 43 Issue 1, p174-180. 7p. Abstract:

In this article, the researchers chose to view the vantage point of faulty reasoning from a perspective that was predicated upon the investigation of different law-related consumer research journals that sought to gain insight into how special training in law impacted the how the process was handled by different lawyers involved in consumer research. The article was a hypothesis by the researcher wherein he utilized his own experiences to gain a familiarity and understanding ...

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This solution discusses common fallacies and faulty evidence.

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