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Categorical Syllogism

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1. What basic of thinking is categorical syllogism?
2. What thinking is informal fallacies identified through?
3. Women are bad drivers of which informal fallacy?
4. Which thinking reason from the result and a generalization to propose a specific case?
5. Reasoning "from the bottom to the top" is called what?
6. Reason "from the top to the bottom" is called what ?
7. Is it true or false that hasty generalization fallacy usually takes the form of prejudice?
8. Does post hoc ergo propter hoc (after this therefore because of this) involves confusion about cause and effect?

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The solution discusses what is the basic of thinking is categorical syllogism.

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1. Categorical syllogism:

Categorical syllogism is a deductive argument that consists of two premises and one conclusion. It has three categorical propositions with three different terms each appearing twice in the propositions (Hurley, 2010). The three terms in a categorical syllogism are referred to as major term, minor term and middle term. The middle term occurs once in every premise but not in the conclusion, the minor term is the conclusion's subject while the major term is the predicate of the conclusion. Categorical syllogism thinking is used since there are valid arguments whose credibility does not singly depend on truth functional operators. Categorical syllogism is used to analyze statements that do not have an internal structure or a categorical proposition and it ...

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