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    Developing a Marketing Research Proposal

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    Develop a marketing research proposal.

    Create your data analysis design. Topic 'Reducing Obesity in Children'

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    Please see response attached (some is presented below). I hope this helps and take care.


    Hi again,

    As you probably, know BrainMass policy does not allow for OTAs to complete assignments or parts of assignments for students. I can, however, provide guidance and information for you to consider for the data analysis design for your proposal.

    In fact, the design will follow from your research design (i.e., qualitative versus quantitative) and the method of data collection used for your study. Unfortunately, I do NOT know the exact research design, so I will need to provide general information, hoping that you can apply it specifically to your research.

    For example, the very first thing to consider is whether your research design is qualitative or quantitative. If you are using quantitative data, for example, the data analysis will use statistics as the type of data analysis (i.e., ANOVA, trend analysis, etc.). However, if it is qualitative, it will employ descriptive statistics.
    From your last posting about this study, the following information is relevant here as well, so let's review:

    When a marketer conducts research to collect original data it is referred to as primary marketing research. This process involves designing a research plan, collecting information, inputting the data, and producing and analyzing results. Since there is a great deal of marketer involvement, primary research is often very expensive to undertake and do well. But with the marketer controlling the process, the results may be much more relevant to his/her situation and, consequently, more useful.

    In general there are two basic types of primary research methods - quantitative and qualitative.

    Quantitative Research

    Information gathered using quantitative means are often open to evaluation using statistical ...

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    Referring to the topic 'Reducing Obesity in Children, this solution provides assistance in developing a marketing research proposal and creating a data analysis design.