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Huffman Trucking Company PR Campaign Strategy

A) Identify the risks in the strategy
b) Write a media release and create a media distribution list for the media release (500 words)

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Introduction of Huffman

Huffman Trucking is a privately held company with a mission of being a profitable, growing, adaptive company in an intensively competitive logistical services business market. Its main customers are the U.S. government, auto part suppliers to major manufacturers, electronic consumer products, raw materials (such as polymer for manufacturers or plastic products), and any customers requiring special accommodations. "The company has continued to grow by leveraging several regional acquisitions and the original vision of being a model company to stockholders, employees, customers and all stakeholders is still evident today" (UOP, 2007). Strategic objectives for this year include the following:
? Delivering outstanding service.
? Insuring consistency of delivery by creating processes that all employees must adhere and follow.
? Meet or exceed budget goals by holding all employees accountable to the budget and company goals.
? Provide investors improved return on investment by managing expenses and increasing internal sales.
? Remain a privately held company positioned for growth.

About PR plan and media release
Public relations is, simply stated, the art and science of building relationships between an organization and its key audiences. As PR became more effective it became recognizable to more and more ...

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This solution of 779 words provides a background history of Huffman Trucking and their strategic objectives. It also identifies the risks in their company's strategy and prepares a media release and media distribution list.