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    Huffman Trucking Transportation Strategies

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    Create a 1,050- to 1,750-word transportation analysis for Huffman Trucking. Address the following:

    o List, describe, and evaluate at least three different transportation strategies.

    o Identify and discuss the current transportation strategies of Huffman. What, if any, improvements could be suggested?

    o Assess how technology may impact future transportation strategies and considerations, given the firm's mission.

    o Lastly, given the fact that Huffman is considering expanding its transportation services into Mexico, identify international transportation considerations relevant to this expansion.

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    Transportation Strategies for Huffman Trucking

    In present scenario, demand for transportation services is increasing. Transportation is a vital part of supply chain management (Frazelle, 2002). Organizations are improving and expanding their transportation strategies to develop competitive advantage. Huffman Trucking is also a carrier service provider that is operating successfully at global level. There will be a discussion of transportation strategies, impact of technology on strategies and considerations.

    Transportation Strategies
    Organizations use a variety of transportations modes to ensure timely delivery of their goods and add value to their supply chain. Transportation strategies are used by the carrier service providers to distribute their services successfully. These are as follow:
    JIT strategy: Just in time is a good a strategy that is used by the organizations to transport their products. It is a quality tool that if applied effectively can contribute in the production and distribution of quality products. It assists the organizations deliver their shipment according to the stated time that is favorable for maintaining a good image (Brewer, Button & Hensher, 2001). Through JIT approach, it is possible for the organizations to perform their scheduling function in an easier and cost effective manner. This transportation strategy is based on a
    Transportation demand management (TDM): Transportation demand management is another strategy that is used by the organizations to deliver their products. According to this strategy, firms manage their transportation according to the demand of customers. It is an effective method that saves time and cost of the company (Gallivan, Ang-Olsan, Schroeer & Mongioi, 2007). Through the use of this method, organizations align their transportation activities with the customer demands. It assists the organizations in developing a positive image among the customers.
    System wide approach: It is another transportation strategy that is based on the systematic ...

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