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    Health Care management

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    Details: Jones Pediatric Services provides oncology services for children and youth. There have been some occasions where parents have considered discontinuing care for financial reasons. Social workers and financial counselors have been able to provide some help in finding financial aid. The problems are generally related to insurance company decisions about the care of the children. You are a member of a project team responsible for making a report on the challenges of caring for children with cancer that will be reviewed by the hospital's senior management team.

    Create a report on the challenges of caring for children with cancer.

    Objective: Examine unique challenges facing certain specialized health providers (e.g., mental health, geriatric, oncology, hospice) and their management implications.

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    //There is various challenges that are being confronted by the oncology services of "Jones Pediatric Services". In the entire paper, we will discuss about the major challenges that are prevailing in the areas of childhood cancer treatment practices. Before the discussion of major challenges, first, we will present the brief introduction of oncology services.//

    Oncology services provide counseling and aid to the cancer patients and their families by offering financial and emotional assistance to them (Children Diagnosed with Cancer: Understanding the Healthcare System, 2009). There are various challenges emerging in the oncology services for children and youth suffering from the cancer disease. These emerging issues act as the biggest barriers that are confronting the parents to avail these services for their children. Since, the care for such a disease requires an advanced effort on the part of the management to make available, the specialized and trained staff, those can better deal with the different form of treatments. The variety of treatment aligned in the care of cancer disease is surgical treatment, transplantation of cell, radiation healing and bone marrow etc.

    In the matter of childhood treatment for cancer, the responsibility of health care organization is comparatively large as in the concerning matter, health care management needs to employ additional staff other than specialists for addressing the emotional, social and educational issues that is considered to be a major part of childhood care for cancer. Therefore, the real challenge for the management is to craft a comprehensive care program, which is not confined to the medical aspect of care, but also includes physical, financial and emotional support.

    //Now, moving further in the elaboration; we will discuss the various emerging challenges that are obstructing the path of health care organization to excel in its services. In ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1192 words with references.