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    Pharmacy and Health Care Operations Mangement

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    Why is it important for an operations manager in a health care setting to understand the business challenges faced by the pharmacy?

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    To answer this questions there are two things you must understand. First what is health care operations management and secondly what challenges face pharmacies in general.

    The discipline of Healthcare Operations Management merges scientific principles related to management in order to obtain the most efficient and the most advantageous method possible to provide the delivery of patient care. There are numerous goals and roles that operations management in health care must accomplish. Recognizably so Health Care Management is one of the most changing and most regulated industries in the world today. So the challenges faced by an operations manager in the health care arena are many with pharmacy operations being one of them. (Castleman, nd).

    The primary role of operations management is transforming input (which would come from the professional health care staff) into the output (which would be the service provided by the healthcare professional). Remember that our inputs are our resources and assets such as our labor force, equipment, capital ...

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    What challenges face pharmacies and how do these challenges affect the operations manager in the health care areana. This response will explain the importance of understaning the challenges faced by the pharmacy. References are provided.