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    Operations Management in Health Care

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    ? Define operations management.
    ? Evaluate health care operations management roles.
    ? Identify goals of operations management.
    ? Describe the effect of a pharmacy on health care operations management.

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    ? According to Langabeer, operations management, particularly in healthcare, is a discipline integrating the scientific theories and principles of management with the purpose of determining the best methods to support the performance of delivering the most effective patient care. It can also be defined as the quantitative management of the organization's systems and processes to modify the inputs (resources) into outputs (healthcare services). It involves the integration of scientific principles to come up with the most efficient methods in patient care delivery.
    ? The role of healthcare operations management involves coordination and execution of operations in the hospital setting. Most hospitals are nonprofit and most of them were created solely for the purpose of serving the community in which they operate. However, being nonprofit organizations, they are not expected to show large profits which make them vulnerable to loss because bondholders may not be motivated to invest more on them. As a result, the limited profit margins will not encourage the bondholders to invest on more updated buildings and equipments and it can't attract the best physicians and administrators. There is a need for the hospital management team to act out to ...

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    Definition and goals of operations management, evaluation of health care management roles and the effect of pharmacy on health care operations management. References are included.