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Health Care Operations Managers.

Define operations management and briefly describe the roles and goals of health care operations managers. Which role is most important and why.

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According to the business dictionary online operations management is "the design, execution, and control of operations that convert resources into desired goods and services, and implement a company's business strategy (Operations Management, nd). Another more easily understood definition of operations management would simply be the "planning and control of the processes that transform inputs into outputs (Visser & Beech, 2005)." Health care is much the same as any other business but perhaps I can make this definition a bit easier to understand as it pertains to healthcare. When you go to your doctor and present your symptoms basically what you are doing is consulting with a health care professional. This consultation provides input; more clearly the request for health care is the input. The output of this visit would of course be you are cured, referred to another service or simply diagnosed. Resources that need to be managed for the input - output transformation to occur would be those that are affiliated with the individual health care professional, i.e. doctor. These could include things such as the doctor's time and diagnostics used to determine diagnosis and even therapeutic services they might need to employee. (Visser & Beech, 2005).

The discipline of Healthcare Operations Management merges scientific ...

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This response defines operations managements. The roles and goals of health care operations managers are discussed as well. References are included.