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Health Network - Telemedicine

Individual: Analysis Research Assignment
a) Organizations are increasingly using the Internet services and communication technologies listed below to improve the flow of information internally and externally:
vi) Collaboration via a health network (workgroup application software, groupware)
b) Choose one of the above technologies and develop a written report of 2,500 words, using at least four references. Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly journal; do not use it for this assignment. Address the following issues:
i) Describe your communication technology and/or Internet service in detail.
ii) Discuss the communication technology's specific impacts on organizations and how the technology/service has changed the way employees receive training, communicate, conduct transactions, or access information in the workplace.
iii) Summarize your findings and include recommendations for how the technology/service can be used most effectively to improve processes within an organization.
c) To complete this assignment, refer to the O'Brien text, the Grand Canyon University College of Business and Library databases and other sources that may be appropriate. The report is to be written in APA format, including an introduction, conclusion, and title page; include in-text citations and a reference page as appropriate
Extra Notes:
I work in a hospital and having a Health Information Network is critical to us. We are a rural hospital.
So - On the above I want to concentrate on a network for hospitals - medical with the addition of telemedicine.


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Telemedicine is an emerging technology that would enable people in areas with few medical resources physicians, clinics, hospitals to access health care long distance. Telemedicine has enormous potential for alleviating the effects of the geographic maldistribution of health professionals. The current state of telemedicine is relatively unstructured, with a wide variety of public and private sector experiments proceeding simultaneously. Some applications, such as reading electrocardiograms at a distance, have become commonplace. Others, such as dermatology consultations, are being performed in many different places but without standard procedures for transmission, interaction evaluation, or charging.
Although telemedicine has a legitimate, important and growing role in ...

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Health network Telemedicine is examined.