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Ethical issues in the medical field

Evaluate ethical dilemmas in biomedical research, e-health, information technology, and telemedicine.

Determine key ethical issues related to global health.

Contrast current international health policy issues.

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Ethical issues in Biomedical research: Patients being subjected to medical research tests without being informed that these tests are for research tests and without being asked to consent. Breaches of privacy are also a concern.
E-health: The adaptation and integration of information technology has been progressively slower than in other sectors and the e-health field is being primarily driven by for-profit eHealth companies. Many of the most recognized e-health companies seek to provide instant helath information and health-related products. Few of these companies are focused on population health tools because of the perceptions about the viability and scope of this market segment.
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The following solution provides a discussion of various ethical issues in medical field. It includes ethical issues related to global health, an evalaution of ethical dilemmas in biomedical research, e-health, information technology and telemedicine. Also current international health policy issues are discussed.