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    End of Life-medical ethical issues and dilemmas

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    There are a number of ethical issues in terms of health care. Immediately i think of abortion, but would like to research something different.

    What medical ethical issues or dilemmas might present today?
    Why is it considered as issue of ethics?

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    Ethical issues that come to mind are the right to health care; the right to end ones life or the issue of someone else ending life.

    This writing shall focus on the later. With the cost of medical care rising, crossroads between politics, finance and religion, when one is in a coma or an undetermined medical condition is apparent, a dilemma will then arise. If a person puts in writing his or her wishes and a family has the means to sustain life support, so be it. But if something should suddenly happen to a patient and the medical condition is determined by a ...

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    The end of life-medical ethical issues and dilemmas are examined. The issues of ethics are provided.