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Medical Malpractice Crisis

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Using at least one source, comment at least 600 words on the following:

Medical Malpractice Crisis: The use of defensive medicine.

example: what is it? Whats the problem with it? How does it contribute to the medical malpractice crisis? These are just examples. You are free to write whatever you feel like, so long as it pertains to "defensive medicine" in the context of medical malpractice.

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The medical malpractice crisis has many components. These range from what protocols and responsibilities a physician has in treating a patient, to Hospitals responsibilities in providing facilities and equipment for treatment, to Insurance companies responsibilities in approving or dis-approving procedures.Because of the sheer numbers of patients accessing care each time any part of the Health Care Delivery system stalls, or mistakes are made, the potential for a lawsuit emerges to penalize the offending parties.Therfore many physicians and hospitals and health care providers practice ...

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