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    Critical Issues Facing Health Care Systems

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    What do you believe are the five most critical issues facing the health care system in the United Sates today? Explain why you would feel this way. In order to help you formulate your response, the following four websites had a ot of information on this topic.:
    - American Medical Association. Retrieved from www.ama-assn.org.
    - American Hospital Association. Retrieved from www.aha.org.
    - American Nurses Association. Retrieved from www.ana.org.
    - American Association of Medical Colleges. Retrieved from www.aamc.org.

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    Healthcare Critical Issues:

    America is one of the most diverse and largest planets in the society having the medical system available in that area reflecting that. America is known to spend a lump some amount of about US$2 trillion annually on the healthcare yet they are still listed among the few economies with citizens with no automatic medical coverage. Health insurance in America comes as a result of Medicaid and Medicare programs therefore considered a Perk (American Hospital Association, 2011).

    It is however considered ironical that the U.S spends a high amount on its income per person when it comes to healthcare which is considered as the most technologically advanced system in the world and yet it is not considered as the healthiest society in the world. The major issues which are relating to the American Health care system emerge as a result of the rising costs of health care, its affordability and accessibility as well.

    Health Insurance:

    In the United States there are several critical issues which are facing the healthcare system in the day today life. Such as the health insurance and insurance policies. This is considered as a critical issue within the health care since the various employees of ...

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