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    Cost of Health Care

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    The cost of health care is almost a daily topic in every newspaper across the country. Health care is a politically, economically, and emotionally charged issue. The problem is continuing to worsen. It is a challenge faced by employers and unions alike. This is the largest single problem facing the new generation of HR professionals and business owners. Given this has been the most high profile bargaining topic, the challenge of this discussion is to create a brief idea for solving this crisis in a way that accommodates the perspectives of both the union and the employer

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    //Before writing about the Health care issues, we have to understand the cost of health care. It will assist us in understanding the social responsibility of the health care systems and the effect of the issues on the system. We will also discuss the problems existing in the union and employer for getting the perspective of both the parties. The barriers posed by the Political and Economical Environment will also be discussed.//


    Health care is a scientific, social and economic issue. The cost of health care is among one of the components of the economy of a country. The Political system poses some barriers in solving out the heath care problems. There exists a large gap between the knowledge about health care problems and the necessary actions to be taken on the basis of the knowledge. The improvements in medical standards of care have permitted people to live more generative lives. From a social viewpoint, we expect as many people to be benefited by these advancements as possible. The decisions regarding reformation of health care affect many prospects of economy. There is a need to handle a broad range of contributing factors to limit the health care costs (The High Cost of Health Care, 2007).

    Solving the Health care Issues

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