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Health care cost

Why does health care cost so much? Does everyone receive the same amount of care?

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Health cost depends on multiple and complex variables. The first one to consider is the economy in general. The same way the economy affects the cost of living, it affects health care cost. With the down fall of the economy, came rising cost of the health care premiums. The Kaiser foundation reported that "Family Health Premiums rose up to 5 % as inflation fell nearly 1 percent" (Palosky, Singh, Ducat, 2009, Sept 15ΒΆ 1).

Although this may seem a contradiction, the majority of the health care insurance income depends on the plans offered to the employers; as the economy fell, people loss jobs translating into less income for the insurances. This forced the rise in premiums. It also translated into higher cost to the individuals who where changed to cost sharing plans to compensated the fall in income (Palosky, Singh, Ducat, 2009, Sept 15). Since the US healthcare market is not regulated nor ...

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The solution is a discussion of factors that affect the cost of healthcare and its effect on the individual's access to care.