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Reducing Healthcare cost

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I'm having a difficult time with this assignment and really need help. My topic is Health Care Cost Reduction.
The cost of health care is often astronomical. I want to gather and discuss information on proposed ways to reduce the cost of health care for insured and uninsured individuals. Lastly, I want to discuss ways to provide a potential solution to the ever-rising cost of health care.

I have to follow the guidelines below:
#1 Introduce the topic you are interested in learning more about, write about why this is important to you and explain what the issues is.
#2 Trace historical developments of your health care reform issue (how did it become an issue and where does the issue stand today?)
#3 Discuss how the issue relates to the functions of management
Discuss how the issue affects healthcare management including suggestions for effective management in regards to dealing with the issue in healthcare settings.

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The solution discusses how to reduce healthcare cost.

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